This website will soon be deprecated and will merge with the Anypoint Platform for APIs

Anypoint Platform for APIs


Why is the site going away?

Most of you have been using this site for the API Designer, API Notebook, and API Portal. We have made significant enhancements to all these, and more tools as it relates to the API lifecycle, and so we are simply having them all consolidated in a single destination. You'll still be able to use API Designer, API Notebook, and API Portal tools in the new website, but you'll also see more tools as part of the Anypoint platform.

What will happen to the APIs I've created here?

It's important that you migrate your APIs to a new host on or before June 15th, 2015 to avoid losing them. After that date any APIs still hosted here will no longer be accessible.

How do I migrate my APIs to the new version?

  1. Copy each of your existing RAML files into individual text documents, or simply download the RAML artifact.
  2. Create new APIs in the Anypoint platform, and paste the RAMLs back in, or upload and import them in them.

What are the benefits of the new solution?

You'll continue to have free access to all of the tooling you've been using here - the API Designer to design RESTful APIs, the API Notebook to capture and share working use case examples, the API Portal to create and publish developer portals. However, you'll have access to a host of additional functionality including tools to manage APIs in production, dashboards to monitor API performance, and an API gateway to secure your APIs. These enhanced capabilities are available free on a trial basis. If you wish to use them on an ongoing basis, you can purchase a subscription to the platform.